Like all life-changing solutions

Annabella was also created from a personal need; from a personal pain.
As founder Masha Waldberg soon realized,
the struggle to breastfeed and pump wasn’t her pain alone.

It was a pain that not only women shared, but also their spouses, who had to endure along with the frustration, pain, sleepless nights, and sense of helplessness.

And on top of that, with the pumping experience not always being the most comfortable thing, parents had to struggle with the complexity of storing the milk and feeding the baby according to a schedule.

The Research

After extensive research, and realizing the amount of pain that the current pumping market had to offer, Masha knew she had to make a change.

Little did she know that this little spark of an idea would inspire so many entrepreneurs and experts to join the Annabella revolution. And eventually create a solution that would change lives for millions of mothers around the world.

And so, Annabella was created

A pump that doesn’t pump harder, or causes you discomfort - instead, a pump that works with and for your body.

A pump that answers women’s issues, rather than create yet another concern.
A pumping experience that can be enjoyable and not a burden.

It was designed to simulate the baby’s tongue movement in order to induce production of natural processes and hormones.
More importantly, it’s about mothers and even fathers’ comfort.
It’s about time that a pump was created for this.

It’s about time that mothers had Annabella.