A Lick of Milk - More Milk in Less Time

Annabella is the first ever pump to simulate the baby’s tongue,
thus stimulating more milk, more naturally and at a faster pace.

More Milk - Closer to Nature

It’s not about how strong your pump is, it’s about working with nature.

By replicating the wave like motion of the baby’s tongue, the pump signals your brain that it’s time to produce more milk.

When your brain’s ready to go, it’s time to let the milk flow! The more natural the simulation of the baby’s movements, the more natural will your body react.
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More Pleasant - Closer to You

Annabella is all about simulating the baby’s touch, which is why the pump has been created with the softest silicone, to benefit the mother too.

It will also help in releasing the oxytocin hormone, which is basically why breastfeeding feels so good compared to pumping.

By mimicking the baby’s tongue, we ensure pumping will not only be more comfortable, but it will be even more pleasant.
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A whole new pumping experience - rediscover the breast pump


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