Annabella Breast Pump Connector

Two-piece plastic, BPA-free Annabella breast pump connector
75 NIS
The connector is the part that connects all the pumping dots together. This part of the Annabella breast pump connects the adjustable breast shield and the duckbill valve together. It is also the part that allows holding the whole pump together. The connector is made of plastic and should be sanitized between every use.
• Two Pieces. • BPA free. • Dishwasher safe. • Not safe for microwave use!
  • 45 day warranty for the washable plastic and silicone parts.
  • Please refer to your breast pump user manual for the most updated warranty policy.
  • Please refer to our shipping policy for the most updated information.
  • Free shipping on purchases over 299 NIS

Connecting the Dots

It's all about a good connection. Connecting with your pump and connecting with your baby. But every strong connection needs a reliable connector that can put all the parts together. If that's what you're looking for - you're at the right place!

Parts of the Product

The connector is a washable and screw-on part that is essential to the assembly of the Annabella breast pump. Make sure all the pump parts are intact for a safe and smooth pumping session!

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