Annabella Duckbill Valve and Vacuum Seal

Two extra valves and two extra vacuum seals for the Annabella breast pump. BPA free and dishwasher safe.
79 NIS
Both parts play a key role in preventing contamination and protecting your milk. The parts are made of silicon, are washable, and need to be sanitized after every use.
• Two duckbill valves. • Two Vacuum seals. • Silicon - BPA free. • Dishwasher safe. • Not safe for microwave sanitation!
  • 45 day warranty for the washable plastic and silicone parts.
  • Please refer to your breast pump user manual for the most updated warranty policy.
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  • Free shipping on purchases over 299 NIS

The Duckbill Valve

The duckbill valve connects to the connector and is essential to the proper functioning of the breast pump as it prevents backflow during the pumping session.

The Vacuum Seal

The vacuum seal acts as a barrier between the air that reaches the vacuum unit and the air that comes in contact with your milk.